Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back to School

Have I written about the new computer?  

I was going to buy myself something with a 21-23" monitor, preferably one of the new all-in-one units so I wouldn't have to figure out a place for the tower.    Then my brother offered me an Apple laptop.  I countered with the 21" iMac.  With a TB of memory.  With all the software to allow it to do everything I need.  And a maintenance contract.  And the Apple service called One-to-One, individual training to use your computer effectively.  He agreed.

The good news is that the Apple Store is only a half-mile from the house.  The bad news is that a 21" all-in-one is a substantial beast to haul around.  Even if the store is only 1/2 mile away, there's still the walk through the mall.  With the iMac.  Which  now has its very own hand truck (folding, from Costco) and a luggage strap (leftover from real luggage) to keep the box and hand truck from parting company in transit.

The good news is that the One-to-One training is helpful.  As long as you are using an Apple product.  Third party vendor?  No support -- unless from the vendor.  Even if you buy the product in an Apple store.  I suppose that's reasonable.  But it can be frustrating.

So the iMac and I go off to school about once each week.  We're learning.  Sometimes quickly.  We learned about a new product, iCloud, in about 10 minutes.   Desktop Publishing is going slowly.  Just needs practice.  Lots of practice.  So much to learn, and so little time.

Pray for patience.  Your own patience in a challenging situation.   My patience with the iMac!
* * * * *