Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nicole Will Walk

On May Day the 16-year-old granddaughter of a dear friend crashed her car. No drugs. No alcohol. Probably a deer or a fox or a cat on a typical Tuolome Co. Road. For her story and status see Then pray, or dance, light candles, or do whatever you do to link with the healing powers of the universe. She's making progress, but it is in tiny steps.

Hug your own grands or the other teens in your life. I am thankful my own are not driving.

Don't forget to pray....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dead Computer, Granddaughters and Summer Arrive together

Summer is here. 

On leave for a bit. 

One dead computer.  New one due, but probably not until late next week at best.   Maybe not until after the holiday.  Blogging from a cell phone is a challenge I haven't yet mastered. 

Granddaughters arrive tomorrow from Seattle.  Looking forward to a few days of immersion in the world of teens.  Hopefully, with lots of pictures to share.  When I get around to writing again. 

Keep cool.  Please pray for Nicole, recovering from traumatic brain injury.  And for Al, still awaiting a new liver.   And for Gina, in her last weeks of a high-risk pregnancy.   And for the family where dad recently gave 3 years notice before he moves on to a new life .........  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Granddaughter, Another Graduation

Sarah is my hanai granddaughter.  Not a granddaughter by blood, but by love and other connections.  Her graduation photos are a stark contrast to Brianna's.

I have to give Sarah credit, though.  She graduated.  Without a lot of help from home.  Through an independent study program through her public high school.  With a lot of help and support from teachers.  Despite some health issues.  Living in a trailer (mobile home has a whole different connotation and does not apply here) on the top of a "hill" in Tuolumne Co. best known for its many residents who live a confirmed fringe lifestyle.  Without public transportation within several miles of home, without parents or grandparents to see that she got to school or the library or to work or to sports events or any of the other places teens tend to go.  A lifetime welfare kid.

Sarah has a lot of talent for photography, even with a basic point-and-shoot camera.  She's been accepted into an online degree program through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.   If she applies her determination and skill and gumption to her photography assignments and classes, she will do well.  It's all up to her.  Just as it is up to every graduate to take advantage of the opportunities presented, and fly onward.

Hang in there, Sarah.  Keep plugging.  It's all worth it.

Pray for Sarah.  Give thanks for those who, despite what life hands them, succeed.  Keep praying...