Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dead Computer, Granddaughters and Summer Arrive together

Summer is here. 

On leave for a bit. 

One dead computer.  New one due, but probably not until late next week at best.   Maybe not until after the holiday.  Blogging from a cell phone is a challenge I haven't yet mastered. 

Granddaughters arrive tomorrow from Seattle.  Looking forward to a few days of immersion in the world of teens.  Hopefully, with lots of pictures to share.  When I get around to writing again. 

Keep cool.  Please pray for Nicole, recovering from traumatic brain injury.  And for Al, still awaiting a new liver.   And for Gina, in her last weeks of a high-risk pregnancy.   And for the family where dad recently gave 3 years notice before he moves on to a new life .........  

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