Saturday, February 2, 2013

Today of all days ...

It was one of those 3:30 wake up mornings, so by noon had already put in a significant day. 

Put the cell phone to charge on the computer rather than on a stand-alone charger; wanted it nearby just in case.   Very seldom charge the phone this way. 

Computer wanted to update software on phone.  In the process, it wiped everything.  Good news:  everything on the phone was restored from backup.  Good lesson in why one backs up electronic devices regularly.  Other good news: screen images are crisper and brighter with the software upgrade, although I am not sure that was an expected outcome. 

Made a phone call.  "Oh, you can't do this without a credit card." the friendly voice reported.  Called a different number.  Same result.   Checked MyVerizonWireless page.  System looks just like it did earlier in the day.  Phone just wasn't connecting to the network. 

Fortunately, this is Kahala, not Groveland.  The nearest Verizon Rescue Center is only .5 miles up the road in the mall, not 40 miles, 60 minutes and a 3000' elevation drop away from home.   But there was a 40 minute wait for a salesperson.  Eventually Sean (who looked more like a Kainoa or a Kamaka'ele  than a Sean) finished with his customer.  It was my turn.  By now I was ready to find a hole and cry, certain that the  phone was terminal. 

Sean tried a call.  Then pushed some buttons.  Listened.  Pushed more buttons.  Listened again.  "Now call someone to make sure it works."  he told me.  Nobody home answering a telephone.  Sean called my phone.  It worked perfectly.  Seems that when the phone restored from backup, it saw itself as a new phone.  Since it had not asked if it should activate itself, there was no connection between the phone in my hand and my account online. Activation resolved that. 

While I was standing at the desk with a sales person really listening, asked about text messaging and those new measured data service plans.  Right now, I don't text enough to pay a flat monthly fee for texting service.  OK, will try texting for a while, and see if  the flat rate becomes appropriate.  Have a couple of contacts who prefer texting to email.  Will I text them that much?  Nor, it seems, do I use enough data to be concerned about unlimited data service vs. measured data service.  That may become an issue if I spend much time in Groveland, but having a wireless network at home keeps my internet usage on the cell phone way down.  On the other hand, Verizon smart phones don't work at my house.  Hmmmmm.  There's one point for city living. 

Give thanks for courteous and caring service staff who solve problems with a smile. 
Don't forget to pray....