Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dr. Steven Charleston

Dr. Charleston is a PhD and a Bishop in the Episcopal Church.  He is also a citizen of the Choctaw Nation and an activist for ministry to Indigenous Peoples -- those of us sometimes called "Natives".  Bishop Charleston came to Hawai'i from Oklahoma for a weekend specifically to lead a retreat in Christian Renewal at the church I regularly attend.  

"It's out of character for Episcopalians, he said, preaching with a bible in his hand, "but sometimes I sound like an old Baptist preacher.  It comes from growing up in rural Oklahoma."

"Episcopalians don't always agree on what we believe," Charleston reminded us.  "But the Holy Spirit is the energy that charges our faith and our life."  On that we can agree.

He found a quiet place in a garden to sign his books.  

He laughed with us.  I love this image that catches him in a mischievous  moment.

Charleston brought with him his new book, Hope as Old as Fire, a collection of brief daily meditations.
For May 19 he wrote:  
God bless the church, our traveleing tribe, our motley crew,
caravan of the conflicted and courageous, stumbling toward paradise,
the hurt and the hopeful, wounded healers, singing along the way.
Life within her tents is never easy,
but life without her would be darkness beyond our imagining.
Bless the church, dear God,
your quarreling brood, your stubborn flock,
your love living for love,
your dream of what might be. 

Thank you, Dr. Charleston. 

Don't forget to pray ....   

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Photo Challenge

An interesting challenge for photographers trying to improve their visualizing and composition skills is to carry a camera at all times, taking photos every day.  Then select one photo each day that pleases you.

These images are a bit fuzzy.  I was using a fixed lens camera with telephoto lens at close to max power.  Not great resolution with a subject a half-mile or so away.

Today I went for an outdoor walk (as opposed to mall walking), camera in hand.   Down Kealaolu to the neighborhood beach park.  On Sunday afternoon, it was a busy place -- lots of cars, several family groups.  From the road I saw what looked like a  colorful assemblage of small tents.  I needed more than one image to tell the whole story.

 "Ah," I thought.  "Boy Scouts. "

Not Boy Scouts.  Not even tents.  

Grown men.  Lots of harness.
Lots of rope cables

 Kite surfing.
Kind of like water skiing,
but using wind power instead of a boat.  
You can tell the speed involved by
the wake behind the surfer's board

I love watching these athletes skimming the water.
Such concentration.  Such grace.  Such joy.  

Give thanks for clear skies, clear water, and sufficient wind.
Don't forget to pray!