Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Photo Challenge

An interesting challenge for photographers trying to improve their visualizing and composition skills is to carry a camera at all times, taking photos every day.  Then select one photo each day that pleases you.

These images are a bit fuzzy.  I was using a fixed lens camera with telephoto lens at close to max power.  Not great resolution with a subject a half-mile or so away.

Today I went for an outdoor walk (as opposed to mall walking), camera in hand.   Down Kealaolu to the neighborhood beach park.  On Sunday afternoon, it was a busy place -- lots of cars, several family groups.  From the road I saw what looked like a  colorful assemblage of small tents.  I needed more than one image to tell the whole story.

 "Ah," I thought.  "Boy Scouts. "

Not Boy Scouts.  Not even tents.  

Grown men.  Lots of harness.
Lots of rope cables

 Kite surfing.
Kind of like water skiing,
but using wind power instead of a boat.  
You can tell the speed involved by
the wake behind the surfer's board

I love watching these athletes skimming the water.
Such concentration.  Such grace.  Such joy.  

Give thanks for clear skies, clear water, and sufficient wind.
Don't forget to pray!

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