Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Post Failure -- slow connections?

I really, truly posted here about 10 days ago -- but the computer fussed, and clearly something failed. Then I was inundated with my friend Verna, who was well enough to do a lot of things her own way, but not well enough to do them by herself. The fires had begun to lie down (if not go away altogether), it was still hot and somewhat less smokey.

Today I have dumped Verna back in her own RV/home, once again closed up the house in Groveland -- this time with no expectation that it will be used by anyone, but certainly in a bit better state than it was last September. By mid-afternoon California time, late morning Hawaiian time, I will be back in Hawaii. My parents have realized that they cannot continue as they have been. The topper for my mother was the cold oatmeal (as it uncooked) that she was served for breakfast last Friday morning. The capper for me was that the previous Sunday he fell, didn't hurt himself but couldn't get up. After 45 minutes of arguing she left him on the floor and went back to bed. What happened to 911 assist?

We all need your prayers, candles, flags, dances or whatever. Remind me to look for the good and not the negative. Give thanks. Don't forget to pray .....

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