Sunday, September 21, 2008


I've been watching the birds in the bird bath -- like this Red Vented Bulbul, who is a relatively new immigrant to Hawaii. I love how they come in and splash, throwing water all over everywhere. The Bulbuls and the Mynahs seems to have the most fun and are always the first to arrive, but even the little birds enjoy bathing. Yesterday I got out my garage sale tripod and the camera, and waited. Not every patiently. And managed to snap this image before Mr. Bulbul got himself out of the image frame! All that "snow" is water that he sprayed as he was leaving for a nearby tree. I love the way the sun shines through his wings in flight. Yes, that multi-hued blob in the upper left corner is Mr. Bulbul.

If you've lived with a dementia patient, have you noticed a behavior start, begin to do something wrong, then stop as if recognizing there is a problem, taking an extended period to think what needs to be done, and then acting more or less appropriately? That's what I've been noticing my dad doing over the last two or three days.

So --- look for that silver lining. Give thanks ... and keep praying!

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  1. I do read it all Bonnie.......... perhaps not every day. There are so many time I wish for family and then I read your Blog and think......... Mmmmmmmmmm
    Love and hugs to you XXXXX Pene


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