Saturday, May 23, 2009

Small Things

In my parents' carport there is a storage area we have always called The Rack. It occupies half the space above the cars, and, like an attic, provides storage space for those things that need a home but that you don't use regularly -- like suitcases and Christmas decorations. It requires a 7' ladder for me to reach anything up there. Or standing on the roof of the car, always frowned-upon behavior.

Today while working in the kitchen I kept hearing the cheep-cheep-cheep of a bird. Over and over again. Or maybe it was a noisy lizard.

Curiosity eventually got the better of me. Was a bird nesting in the garage? No such luck. A fledgling Brazilian Cardinal (the ones with the gray back, which chest and red topknot) was flitting around amongst the boxes, cheeping in panic. Twice he flew out into the garage, but needed to either land on the car or swoop down-and-under to get back out into the open. Neither tactic was one his limited experience had taught him.

Backed the car out, hoping just having more space would solve his problem. When that didn't help, I broke up part of a soda cracker and threw it on the floor of the garage, hoping that would tempt him. It must have. An hour later, the cracker bits and the bird were both absent from the garage.

Give thanks for freedom, and for those who help us find our way out of tough spots. Look for the light! Don't forget to pray.

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