Sunday, January 24, 2010


M had his angiogram, but not angioplasty.  The next step for him is bypass surgery, but he's not there yet.  His cardiologist says he will do the bypass when the choice is life with a bypass, or death.

G doesn't get his eye repair -- yet.  His cardiologist won't let him stop taking his  blood thinning medications  long enough to please the opthamologist.   The opthomologist doesn't want his patient to bleed out on the table because his blood won't clot.  Catch 22.

After his bout with anaphylactic shock with resultant near death experience and hiatal hernia, Ray used to quote the ER doctor.  "You can live with a hiatal hernia," he said, "but you cannot live with a heart that won't beat."  

"The hiatal hernia is an issue," Ray used to tell me,  "but I'd rather live with it than not live"

So I say to G, "Life does not require good vision.  Life does not require any vision.  Vision, however, requires life."   It's a disappointment to be offered something you want so badly, only to be knocked down by someone else who sees a whole different set of issues.  What's the cliche?  When  life hands you lemons -- make lemonade.

Look hard for a positive in one of those negatives in your life.   Give thanks for that positive something.  Give thanks for the ability to find it.  Don't forget to pray ....

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