Friday, April 9, 2010

Abandoned Nest

Mama Dove left the nest for most of Easter afternoon, came home overnight, then left again on Monday.  She didn't reappear until very late afternoon.  Clearly, she had had her fill of that next, and perching atop a wriggling chick who filled the next almost completely in his own right.  By breakfast the next morning, the nest was empty.  Lacking a lifeless heap of feathers on the ground beneath the plumeria tree, Baby Dove must have learned the function of wings.  I hope to see a mama dove, trailed by a baby learning to forage for himself, in the yard as we scatter bread and grain scraps each afternoon.  

Wasn't he looking grown up and handsome on Monday afternoon?  

Birds -- and other critters -- know when it is time to allow their children to stretch their own wings and learn about independence, adulthood, and the responsibilities that go with them.  Pray that we humans can have as much wisdom.
Don't forget to pray ....   

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