Sunday, September 19, 2010


It was raining lightly when I left for church this morning.  Against the cloudy sky this double rainbow stood out in glory.

It would have been a prettier image if I had been able to take the picture from our own street where there are trees, hedges and greenery.  Until the rainbow got lost in all those trees and hedges.

It would have been a prettier picture if I hadn't had to work around the gentlemen out for his Sunday morning walk, insisting on walking down the middle of the street into which I wanted to turn.

It would have been prettier if I had pulled just a little bit farther up the block on this street.    Or  realized that the lawn in front of this house is brown, not green.  And that there is almost no landscaping around the house.  Didn't we learn in a video class about paying attention to what else is in the view finder besides your subject?  Did I learn?  Guess not.

Enough excuses.  Give thanks for rainbows, where ever they happen to be.

Don't forget to pray!

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  1. No matter what is in the picture, the rainbow is perfect, rainbows are God's promise to the world. That's what Sydney says whenever she sees one, so a double is twice the beauty.


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