Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Milestone

The milestone is that I am out of the laundry business.  That is a good thing.  I hate having to do laundry on deadline when working around the whims of the weather.

The reason is not particularly good.  My dad is no longer able to help dress himself.  He is permanently in a hospital gown. I don't have to launder hospital gowns.

My mother surprised me.  I don't want her to ever say that we -- my brother and I -- prevented her from doing something she wanted to do, either from ignorance or neglect.  So periodically I offer her the opportunity to visit my dad.  I know better than to expect that she will accept.  This afternoon she asked when I will go again to see him.  She has a big shopping trip planned for tomorrow morning, so my late afternoon meeting with the Hospice RN is less than convenient.

"When are you going after than?" she asked.  

I suggested that Friday morning would be good.  It just might happen.

Seeing her again, her giving him permission to move on, just might be what he needs to take that next step.

Fearless hearts.  Peaceful minds.  Give thanks.  Hug someone.  Let someone know you care.  Don't forget to pray.....

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