Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spending on a Rainy Day

The Honolulu Academy of Arts is just wrapping up their annual buying spree -- just in time for Christmas. If I didn't go now, I'd miss it altogether.  So off I trudged, alone, since it was cold and rainy out and Mother didn't feel like fighting the weather.  My intention was Christmas shopping.  For other people.  Turned out to be self-gifting.  Found what is becoming an annual treat -- a lovely Celtic cross in delicate silver.  Quite different from the James Avery Celtic cross found so many years ago at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco.  Found a fascinating bead necklace.  It looks like wood, feels like pearls.  It is neither.  The beads are Indonesian, cut from tree resin, each about 8 mm.  

Found at least one gift for someone else, but not at the Academy.  Also found a second needlepoint shop in Honolulu while looking for a yarn shop.  No wonder I can't find the yarn shop; it has closed.

Robert Who Listens still doesn't have enough magic in his bag of tricks.  He was able to confirm that whatever this computer is doing, it's the computer -- not me.  The fix-or-replace will have to wait until January.  It's gone on this long; it can wait a bit longer.

It is cool and rainy and dark outside, with no hint of the dawn.  Sunday is the Honolulu Marathon.  Weather reports say it will rain tomorrow, too.

The Honolulu Board of Water Supply motto says When the heavens weep, the earth rejoices.  Give thanks for the rain that nourishes the earth.

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