Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sophie learns to drive

Before sharing Sophie and her new skill, check out my brother's post for yesterday, June 6, 2011.  Read about the Waikiki Surf Club honoring our father with a Members Only commerative t-shirt.  That's ilind.net!

Meanwhile ... yesterday was a busy day.  It needed to be.  It was Ray's birthday.  There were lots of ways to remember him....

One was a picnic at the neighborhood beach park with a school chum who moved from Hawaii to Washington, DC where she settled and raised her family.  She's in Hawaii this week with her entire family -- her husband, their two adult children, their spouses, and the lone grandchild, Sophie. Sophie is 3.

After lunch the "middle generation" was off to climb Diamond Head.
There was some concern about Sophie,
who was not expected to appreciate being left behind.  

Mom played with her and her sand toys for a couple of minutes, then disappeared.  Dad moved in and played with the sand toys for a few minutes more.  Tutu -- Sophie's own Tutu -- took over from dad.   When Sophie looked around and couldn't find mom or dad, Tutu explained that they were changing their clothes.  Sophie had some juice and chips, then decided a walk on the beach might be fun.  It was!  

Sophie met Chicha, a Japanese speaker.  Sophie isn't.
There are few language barriers between 3-year-olds
who point, smile, frown, and gesture their way into friendships.
They played in the sand, swam in the ocean,
then learned about Hawii's beach showers.
Great for washing away sand and salty water.
There's no time to miss Mom and Dad
when  you have a friend.

Then Sophie discovered Chicha's toy.  
Chicha hasn't learned to drive yet. 
Sophie mastered the art quickly.  
Shift.  Step on the gas.  Steer.  Well, almost steer.  

Up the hill.

Watch out for the obstacle at the top!  

Fast is good.  

Is someone enjoying herself?

The tears came only when it was time to put away the car
and say good-bye to Chicha.  They lasted about 2 seconds.  

Make a friend.
Be a friend.
Give thanks for a friend. 
Don't forget to pray!

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