Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fighting Homelessness, 250 Meals at a Time

My church partners with an organization called the Institute for Human Services, commonly known as IHS.  If you know it was started by an Episcopal priest, and know a little of Christian symbols, you will recognize the significance of the name.

On the first Friday of each month, a few of our faithful gather to produce enough Shepherd's Pie to serve 200-250 people.  It's always the same menu.  It's a tradition.  Holy Nativity makes Shepherd's Pie.

Paul and his wife Jane are the current cheerleaders for this project.

Paul, who looks terribly competent in this kitchen, says he doesn't cook at home.  He can only cook for 200.

Virginia makes cole slaw.   

Margie makes Ambrosia, with some help from Denise to manage the collander.  

This month, we had some help from four Punahou students earning community service hours.  Denise mentors them, we appreciate their help, and they have fun as they make a difference.  This is what community service is all about.

Jasmine and Maya sliced bananas to add to the ambrosia.  

Devin and Jasmine started by mixing up gallons of dehydrated potatoes.
Then they moved to mixing the meat.

Once the meat is cooked, everyone helps layers of vegetables, mashed potato, and cheese.  

In just over an hour, the finished trays head out the door and are on their way to IHS shelters.  

Give thanks for those who give their time.
Don't forget to pray!  

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