Thursday, November 29, 2012

On Being Different

Don't know why this spoke to me today, but it did.  We each have a story that must be told.  Live your story. 

"I suspect that you knew you were different at an early age.  Not that you stood aloof or failed to find friends, but that you carried an awareness of life that was not easy to share.  It was not just your outward sign, how you appeared to others, but an inward reality, a way of seeing, a sense that the air around you was scented with the fragrance of something sacred.  And so you held your secret close, listening, waiting, until your time came, until your name was called by a voice familiar.  You are what you were meant to be.  You are called.  You have a story that must be lived to be told.  But I suspect you know that." 
Bp Steven Charleston, Hope as Old as Fire (2012, Red Moon Publications)

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