Saturday, January 12, 2013

Reflecting on January 1

1 January 2013

It was drizzly, windy and overcast, not the best day to play on the beach. 
On the other hand, there is seldom a really bad beach day in Hawai'i.

Barb's condo faces the ocean.  
"Wouldn't it be nice to look out
and see Happy New Year wishes in the sand?" she asked. 
Off we trudged to the perfect spot for creating a masterpiece.  

Barb prodded us reluctant adults.  

Are the letters big enough to see from the condos?
Shall we make the lines wider?  
Armed with hot dog roasting forks (or camera), everyone joined in.
Ethan directed. 

We were B, B, B, B, and E that day.  

 Barb finished out YEAR. 
 Ethan worked on his own name.  

Yes, you could read our message from the condo lanai!

 Despite the weather,
and despite my droopy mood for most of the following week,
it was a very good day. 

Does anyone else remember when
Pat's at Punalau'u was on the mauka side of the highway
at the Ka'a'awa end of town? 
Now it's on the makai side on the Hau'ula end of town. 

One of the B's says they moved it just to confuse me.  

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