Monday, September 29, 2014

Too long ....

I have been reminded several times in the last month that a post is long overdue here.  Mike and Nancy, you are two of the most persistent.  Thank you for the nudges.

This has been a traveling year.   Arizona and California in March.  Arizona was warm and friendly, very much the right weather for their annual Aloha Festival.  Winter was still trying to hang on in the California mountains.  Couldn't build a fire in the wood stove (chimney needed sweeping before that could happen) and couldn't light the furnace (it hadn't been serviced for several years) and I wasn't going to be around long enough to make either happen.   Ended up with one of the last space heaters still available at Lowe's.  So now I can at least keep a bedroom at reasonable temperature.

Then a weekend on Kaua'i with Daughters of Hawai'i.  I had not been on Kaua'i  since 1953.  Or maybe it was 1954.  In any case, it had been a very long time.  Wonderful island, with the same small town sense as Tuolumne County.  If one could get between islands without resorting to flying, I'd be moving off Oahu, too.   Wish the ferry folk had done their environmental assessments properly,  worked more closely with environmental groups in the planning process so that everyone could have benefitted.

I know.  Wishful thinking.

Again in California again, heading back to Groveland for another stint of unpacking,  setting up bookcases, and otherwise re-arranging stuff.  In preparation for ??????   Not ready to cut the Groveland ties altogether, but not ready to return full time, either. 

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  1. So great to see your post. I check faithfully each morning. Hadn't nagged as I know how busy you've been.


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