Sunday, March 9, 2008

A New Blog Home

Ah, you found me! It's new home, a new look, and all because some asked to make comments. Thank you, Linda! Comment away. Oh yes, and because I am considering changing Internet Service Providers.

It's been a full year. This is the between week, between Ray's passing and his memorial. A year ago I was numb. Now I find myself tearing up (as in weeping, not shredding!) at odd moments, talking to his photograph regularly, missing him like crazy, and discovering every day some little thing he taught me that has made a huge difference in my life, lifestyle, world view, or how I deal with people. Amazing guy, our Ray.

After 6.5 months in Hawaii I find myself itching to get back to the mountains, country living, and the community of which I have been a part for 30 years. Now I've made flight reservations, so "going back" will really happen. Oh, it has to. I still have a house to deal with, people to see, things to do.

Yesterday's adventure: eliminate one papaya tree. Mother wanted it GONE, as she wanted to put her new little guava-apple cross into that garden bed. Daddy got out his chain saw (electric) and several hand saws and set to work. That was about 10:00 a.m. At 12:30 he came in for lunch and announced that feeble folk should not be allowed to use electrical equipment. I think that was his backhanded way of saying, "Bonnie, do this for me." Then he added that the chain saw wouldn't work any more. That was enough to kick me into "fixer" mode. Maybe it ought to be "allow-yourself-to-be-used" mode. Seems that although he knows how to plug the chain saw in, push the safety button, and press the trigger to cut, my father doesn't know now to clean his machine. It was so full of sawdust that the chain couldn't move. So I took it apart, cleaned it out a bit, finished the last cut to fall the papaya tree (not a big deal, folks -- this tree is only about 8" in diameter, about 18' tall, and no leaves or branches except in the last 2'), then bucked it up into sections that I could move. It is supposed to go in the "green garbage" which is picked up twice monthly and composted -- as opposed to twice weekly and burned. But Daddy doesn't understand about green garbage or any other kind of recycling. Everything that Mother or I cannot (or choose not) to rescue goes in the same garbage can and is hauled away on Wednesday or Saturday.

After cleaning the chain saw again so it could be put away, I announced that if he can't do it himself, and if he is going to use the chain saw, he will have to find someone who can maintain it for him. Lot of good that will do. He ought not to be using a chain saw at all. Maybe his newly hired yard man, who is supposed to come twice monthly and mow the lawns, will operate and maintain the chain saw!

Give thanks! Look up!! Keep praying .....


  1. Thanks Bonnie. I love the five blogs that I read almost daly and yours brings such memories of Hawaii & my parents that I can't wait for the next post. And when you spark that really strong emotion it is fun to just coment here rather than send an email. Boy is that the highth of lazyness???

  2. Well, look at it this way: at least he was cutting "wood" and not "body parts", like someone else we both know...(o.k. Ray, stop snickering!)
    By the by, I bumped into one of Ray's canes at the recent Tournament of Champion's Wrestling Match at Loomis. The cane had a date stamp of 2002. The owner said he bought it from Ray at Coulterville. Small world...he said everywhere he goes people admire the cane. Just thought you'd like to know.

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    I just love reading your stories.
    How old did you say Daddy was?


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