Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Anniversary

It's been two years.  Someone told me early on it gets harder, not easier.  I think she was right.  Numb has worn off.  Reality is not always kind.  

The photo is not the best, but it is here, and one of only a handful of the two of us together.  This was taken in Dec 2005 while visiting Lyla Berg at the Hawaii State Capitol.  

Aloha, Ray.  You're still making a difference in my life, still influencing how I view the world and the people whose lives touch mine.   You always will.  I am so thankful for the time we shared, for the things we learned together, for the things we taught each other.  You made me a better person, more tolerant, more caring, more able to reach out.  You gave me confidence, reminded me to laugh at myself.  I love you.  

Today I am off to the Queen Emma Summer Palace in Nu'uanu to begin as a volunteer with the Daughters of Hawaii.  It's a time for beginnings as well as farewells.  

Give thanks for Ray.  Look for something special he -- or someone else close to you -- added to your life.  Don't forget to pray ....   

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