Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reaching Out

I am reaching out tonight to my friend, Sharon. Ray called her Smiley, because when we first met her she didn't say much but sure did grin! Over the last 25 years Sharon has gained enough weight that she recently opted for gastric bypass surgery.

Now, as she comes home and begins a whole new relationship with food, Sharon faces a new set of challenges. So does her family. If I were constrained to the limits of a gastric bypass diet, I know I wouldn't be the least bit interested in cooking meals for anyone else. The temptation to abuse my tiny new stomach would be too great to assure a successful outcome of the surgery.

Let's pray for strength for Sharon as she learns to live with her new, tiny stomach. Let's pray that she has the guts and determination to do those things she has to do. She's faced and overcome some pretty awesome challenges in the last few years. I know she can do this, too -- with help. Let's pray for her husband and sons. Mom's not a mind reader, guys. She needs you to TELL her how much you love her and that you really do stand beside her every step of the way in her new journey. We all need that kind of support in our lives. It's not unique to Sharon or this particular situation. Nor is it unique to women. Oh, yes. Then she needs you to walk the talk.

Look for those silver linings. Trips through the grocery store can focus on quality rather than quantity. Dinner out can be one entree and two plates. Give thanks -- for Sharon's determination and courage. Keep praying.


  1. Well, as one who is challenged with "too much of me", I am with you all the way, Sharon, aka Smiley!!

    Based on what little I know about the surgery and the post-process, I would say that Bonnie has your immediate future pretty well analyzed; you are now down to the "gruntwork". I have considered such surgery over the years, and came to think of the surgery itself as one heck of a big "Man, if I don't make this work, there isn't much left that I can do..."

    Hang in, Sharon, and keep Bonnie up to date---We are thinking of and rooting for you!!

    Elgin, Illinois USA

  2. I know how hard it is to change your eating habits and I know you can do it with support from your family and friends. I wish you a happy sucessful new lifestyle.
    Prayers are already on there way to Sharon and will be from now on.
    You have a great friend in Bonnie!


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