Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Non-Toxic Ways to deal with Roaches?

Everyone else seems to beat the roaches to death. This assumes you can catch them. And that you have a fly swatter handy. Even rolled up newspaper will do -- assuming, of course, that newspapers are still being published in your community.

I am hopeless at hitting the critters. Either I am not fast enough, or my aim is abyssmal. Perhaps a little of both. The bugs just run away and laugh at me. Certainly they don't run away and tremble in fear ... if that were the case, they would stay gone. Ray used to tell me to aim ahead of where you see them. That didn't work, either. "Not that far ahead!" he'd say before taking control of the fly swatter.

Now I've discovered that earth-friendly Simple Green is wonderfully toxic to roaches.

Keep praying!


  1. Very tickled to see you had a productive day!!!


  2. Hawaian roaches must be faster than the Long Beach variety, we used to squish them with any shoe within reach, and NOTHING in a can would kill the little suckers.


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