Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Honor thy mother.

Mine has been complaining about the difficult time she is having cutting her toenails.  It's hard to get down there to the toes when you're approaching 96.   Even if your not approaching quite as quickly as she is.

She refuses to go to a podiatrist.  "Do you know they charge $40 to cut your toenails?" she responded when I suggested that Medicare sees proper foot care as essential for  healthy living.  It's not what comes out of her pocket that matters to my mother.  It's the amount billed for service.  Before rate negotiations and discounting.  She is just as concerned about what her insurance companies pay as what she herself pays.

I muttered about a pedicure.  Last Thursday she announced, "I have been letting my toenails grow because we were going for a pedicure."  At 9 a.m. on Friday we were at the nail salon.  She'd never before indulged.  If the truth be told, I haven't indulged very much myself ....

She gingerly climbed into the chair.  This is a tiny bit problematic, as the chair comes complete with a mini-jacuzzi tub in which your feet soak while they are awaiting attention from a real person.  That puts the tub right where you would normally put your body as you prepare to sit in a chair.  As it turns out, these chairs accommodate the less agile by seating from the side.

While my own feet were being pampered, I watched my mother's face.  Cautious.  Observant.  Once, pained.  .Interested.  Ahhhhh, relaxed.

She was pleased that her pedicure was counted as a Mother's Day gift.  She even told Ian and Meda about the gift she received on Friday.  Then she smiled, really smiled.  She smiled again when she opened the Goody Bag from Ian and Meda.   That was after a lovely brunch created by Ian, consisting of corn muffins, OJ and a fritatta full of ham, onion, potato, a taste of spinich, and a politically correct addition of mostly-egg-white  beaten eggs.

The goody bag contained several small packages of chocolate -- dark with mint cream filling.  I heard her say conspiratorily to Ian, "You know, chocolate is actually good for you."  She grinned again.  She has been smiling a lot more recently.  Whew.  We've been trying to make that happen for two years.

Give thanks for the smiles.
Don't forget to pray!

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  1. This post made me smile too! thanks Bonnie!


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