Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kickin' Cancer's Butt

I'm getting tired of these cancer stories.

Here's another one that, no matter how badly you feel life has treated you, will remind you that someone else has it worse.  Or at least a different variation of really bad.

Max's mom was in treatment in Sonora at the same time Ray was receiving chemotherapy.  Max's dad used to come into the infusion center (where outpatient chemotherapy is given) wearing a big, bright button declaring, "We're Kickin' Cancer's Butt".  You knew they were fighting.  One after another, the family continues to fight.

If you're anywhere near Sonora on December 11, the Party for Max  is going to be something special.  They have so many bands participating that they are holding two parties the fairgrounds.  One is dubbed "old people's music", the acoustical stuff.  The other is loud, raucous, and geared to the younger folk.  For those who are not familiar with the Tuolumne Co. Fairgrounds, there are only 4 buildings -- not including the barns and the offices.   Town will be hoppin' that night.

This is Tuolumne Co. at its best, the part of country living I miss most.  The community is so small that if you don't know someone directly, if your kids haven't gone to school together, if you don't go to church together, or work together, if you don't cross paths at the hospital or the pharmacy or in Wal-Mart or walking down Main Street, someone you know does or has.  "You know him."  a friend will tell you, and then proceed to remind you of your links.  When someone needs, really needs, the community is there.  Cooking spaghetti or chili, donating to a raffle or auction, working a rummage sale, making music, spreading the word, lending support.  Praying.

There have been lots of needs this year.  Nicole, Megan, Sarah's grandpa, now Max.  Those who have lost their homes, or their jobs, a family member or a friend.  

Give thanks for those unsung heroes who fight cancer in laboratories and research hospitals all around the world.

Don't forget to pray .....

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