Monday, November 8, 2010


Not my granddaughter Meghan, who is a delightful and bright young woman in her own right.  As is her big sister Katie.

This Megan is the daughter of one of Tuolumne County's judges.  I knew her parents "way back when" in another lifetime.  Visited with her dad occasionally when I was working in Sonora and in and out of the courthouse on a regular basis.  Haven't seen her mom in many years.  Both Megan's parents are the kind of people who hang around in the recesses of memory, people who have (or will) touch your life in some significant way. 

Megan passed away early this morning.  She had acute myeloid anemia.  It was diagnosed as she was delivering her first child.  Her daughter is just 4 months old. 

I learned about Megan's diagnosis through a Facebook post by a mutual friend.  Hundreds of others must have learned about Megan a similar way -- through word of mouth and from social networking by friends and friends of friends.  Today, there are literally thousands of voices all over the world lifted in continuing prayers for Megan and her family.  Her short life, her struggles, her bravery, the love of the family members for each other, their commitment to their faith and the commitment of their friends, are all powerfully present in the many postings on Facebook and through the blog maintained by Megan's husband.   

If, after reading or hearing Megan's story, you are inspired to reach out in faith, to pray, to invest some time in social action or interaction, to hug someone, then Megan has touched your life.  She continues to make a difference, one life at a time.  She continues to live in the hearts of those she touches.  

Give thanks for Megan's life.  Pray for Ryan, Rylee, Megan's parents and for her siblings.  Go into the world. Make a difference in someone else's life.  For you.  For Megan.  

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