Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Reality Check

It's just after 10:00 p.m., the house is quiet, and I'm hearing the telltale sound of raindrops of the aluminum roof of the lanai.  For you non-Hawaiians, read "patio roof".   It sounds kinda' like lah-NIGH.   It has been threatening all day -- overcast skies, temperatures cool enough that long sleeves were comfortable today.   It's supposed to rain for the next several days.

Last week brought several days of torrential rain.  The plover who makes our yard his (her?) winter home was dancing around the puddles, remembering that he really is a shore bird.   Yesterday I found him exploring the carport.  Silly bird.  No bugs there, just 70 years of cars parked there night after night.

My mom had wanted to attend a real estate presentation this evening dealing with property values in this neighborhood.  I think the sponsoring real estate office wants to expand its client base.  But by mid-afternoon she announced that her hearing has deteriorated so much in the last week that she didn't think she could hear anything even if she sat in the front row.   I don't know that her hearing has gotten significantly worse in the last week -- she couldn't hear the dialog  in a commercial movie theater last summer.   We didn't go to the presentation tonight; we are going to the hearing clinic tomorrow.

Give thanks for the health you have.    Don't forget to pray!

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