Monday, January 3, 2011

Signs of the New Year

Hawaii is one of those places where cultural diversity is -- and has been for a long time -- the rule rather than the exception.  Absence of diversity is one of the things local folks notice when we move away from Hawaii.

These views, taken just inside the entrance of the neighborhood grocery store, are typical.

Kadomatsu are a Japanese tradition.  They are displays of bamboo, evergreen and sometimes flowers.  Their composition, arrangement and placement at or near the front door are traditional, and steeped with religious symbolism and significance.

Next to the Kadomatsu is the tray of bamboo leaves, another of oranges, or tangerines with a leaf attached, and boxes of mochi. 

Making mochi at the New Year is as tradition in the Japanese community as making ravioli is to my Italian friends, and tamales to those from Mexico.  

Give thanks for the diversity that adds spice, breadth and awareness to our lives.

Don't forget to pray....

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