Monday, May 20, 2013

Sacred Trees and Ties to the Land

I refer you to my brother Ian's post of May 19,, regarding our mango trees.   Photo, right, is Saturday morning's harvest. 

The architect's precise question was, "First, is there anything sacred about this house?"   OK, that's manini (for you non-Hawaiian folk, that's nit-picking, or something like, "don't sweat the small stuff".)  But he didn't start out asking about trees.  He asked about sacred things, things we absolutely did not want to change.  Those trees are sacred!

The rest of Ian's post is accurate.

It's a hard pill to swallow, the thought of loosing those trees.  And this tie to our personal identities.  Loosing the house wouldn't be quite so bad if we knew that the buyer would commit to saving the trees.  Small chance of that in today's world.  ...

Please pray for Malcolm as he faces his own mortality and congestive heart failure. 
Pray for those who care for the sick, the aged, and the alone. 
Pray for someone who touches your life and brings you joy.  

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