Sunday, August 16, 2009

Frustrations and Satisfation

Happy birthday to my brother Ian who as of tomorrow is eligible for his early social security draw. Did I tell you his age? Who, me??!
Check his website, for the photo essay of their birthday/anniversary weekend.

It is really frustrating to be without a computer. Mine is still in the shop. I don't know whether the guy really doesn't fix computers, just sells new ones, or if the problem is really that bad. No real way to tell.

I am very thankful to have this iTouch. There is a lot it does not do. But it does enough to at least keep in touch with the outside world.
So forgive the typing errors, and we'll all get along.

My dad was in bed (not unusual) when I got to the care home today. First things first: pull up the pants that were down around his pelvic bone. Then we could talk. I had been sent on a mission -- find where he put the signed copy of his trust. Did he remember that he made a trust? No. Where might he have put it? He laughed. "if I don't remember making it, how will I remember where I put it?"

Good point.

Turns out he never got the trust to a safe place, it was still in it's mailing envelope heaped in a box of unsorted papers I'm front of his file cabinet. At least it was still in the envelope!

Someone sent me a prayer request the other day. Please pray for Al who needs a liver transplant. Today at church I asked about the Prayer Chain. Turns out there is not one -- but several people think the new ladies' guild might be starting one. I hope so. I am not a Prayer Warrior, but would have to take on the role myself if no one else is going to. Please, God, don't give me a job I'm not good at.....

Off next week for three days at the Volcano with the other History Ladies from Daughters of Hawaii. It's not all that far -- a 40- min plane ride. But it requires a plane. We cannot all pile in a car and drive there. It will be fun. I'm just GOING. Can't worry about everyone else all the time; need to nourish the caretake.

Ready or not, it's time to post this entry. Give thanks for your own health. Give thanks for friends. Give someone a hug. You both need it. Don't forget to pray!

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