Friday, August 21, 2009

Real or Not?

They are having a Bon Dance tonight at Oahu Care Facility. Bon dance season comes in the warm time of the year and honors deceased ancestors. To that extent it is like Memorial Day. There will be tradional circle dancing to Japanese music celebrating this festival Budhist season. The residents have been talking about it for a month.

My dad announced yesterday that some of the men are playing golf today. He is not playing, but has donated two sets of golf clubs.

At least he remembers that there is a special event today. He also remembered the name of his OCF doctor. This is no small feat. He had never seen the man before going to OCF last December. They see each other occasionall, probably monthly.
But my dad called him by name and in the correct context -- prescribing medication.

Give thanks for good memories. Don't forget to pray.

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