Monday, February 8, 2010

Broken Glasses

They were not broken, exactly.  Just disassembled.

Most of the time I wear contact lenses.  I don't wear them because of vanity.  I wear them so that I can find my feet on uneven terrain -- like stairs and hiking trails, hillsides and sidewalks and curbs.  I've never mastered the art of finding my feet through bifocals.

The contacts are "daily wear" -- meaning they are designed to be removed every night so that my eyes can rest and breathe and the lenses can be cleaned.  If I want to read in bed, I need glasses.  Ray chose the current pair, as he chose most of what I wore, so you know how long I have had them.  They are rimless, and extra-light-weight because most glasses leave horrid red dents on my nose after a couple of hours of wear.

Sometimes I fall asleep with the glasses still on my nose.  At least once a month with that kind of treatment, one of the lenses falls out.  One lens I can fix on my own.  This morning, both lenses were absent.  When the lenses are mirror images, how do you know which one goes where?  It was not until I couldn't make the second lens fit at all that I realized the first one was in the wrong place.  And while the lenses manage to find their own way out with great ease, they are not obliging about removing themselves on command.

The glasses and I paid a visit to the optometrist's office, where the technician and receptionist laughed with me, assured me that it wasn't just me, and in addition to putting the lenses in their proper places, provided the appropriate tool to replace absent lenses into wireless frames:  a small piece of ribbon to manipulate the "fishing line" that holds the bottom of the lens in place. The people in this office are at least as nice as the folks in the office in Sonora where I've been a patient for nearly 25 years.

Here's the restored glasses, and the handy new tool for putting them back together -- if you can separate frame from shadows in the photo.  Hint for future incidents:  the bifocal part goes next to the nose!      

Give thanks for friendly folk who are willing to help you untangle a mess in your life.  Give thanks that you can find them.  Don't forget to pray .....

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