Friday, February 12, 2010

It's only Funny if you Understand the Joke

None of the CNA's in the care facility where my dad is resident are native English speakers.  Many are Filipino or Korean.  A few are Vietnamese.  Among the entire staff, there are only 3 haoles -- faces that would be familiar in most of the rest of America or Europe.   A few are what Ray used to describe as "a brick short of a full load".

My dad's habit is to take off whatever trousers he has been wearing when he gets into bed, sleeping in the equivalent of his underwear and a t-shirt.

When the CNAs want him to do something in a hurry, I'm learning that they tell him, "Mr. Lin', hurry, your daughter is coming!"

So the other day one of the CNA's was trying to get him back into bed.  He had other things on his mind.  Apparently, it was one of his better days, a day that he could follow a conversation and make some rational decisions on his own.

"Hurry, Meester Lin', take off your pants.  Get into bed.  Your daw-ter is coming."  the CNA urged.  She repeated herself.

"You should have seen his face!" said the nurse who was sharing the story with me.  "He stopped and looked at her.  Then, slowly, he said, 'You want me to take off my pants and get in bed -- because my daughter is coming?'"

"Yes, Meester Lin', take off your pants.  Your daughter is coming."  The poor woman missed altogether the totally inappropriate implied sexuality of her request.  My father didn't.

Give thanks that my dad can still appreciate the humor of a situation.  Give thanks for those who care for him, even though they might not recognize that humor.

Don't forget to pray ....

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