Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Not-So-Small Victory

With her 96th birthday a 3 scant months away, my mother is clearly wearing out.  Any task that requires walking even a block is nearly impossible.  The current attack, gout, leaves her unable to even put a shoe on her left foot.  Walk?  6', maybe, and that's only since the pain has begun to diminish after more than 2 weeks of agony.  But her mind and spirit are still strong, and I know she doesn't appreciate being a prisoner in this little house for weeks on end.   She misses her kitchen, misses working in her garden, misses shopping, thrift shopping, exploring the mall or the Art Academy or some other gallery or museum.

I have been pushing for a wheel chair, using the argument that it doesn't make sense to me not to use one when there are places she would love to go and someone ready and willing to push.  Pride has gotten in her way.

Yesterday she gave in and paid a visit to her doctor, who immediately prescribed a gout medication and ordered a diagnosis confirming blood test.  We borrowed a wheel chair from the Medical Group to get from the car up to the 4th floor and back.

Today she announced, "I still haven't made a decision, but if I don't think this pain is ever going to go away completely, I think we should go and buy a ...."  She made a pushing motion.

"A walker with a seat?"  I asked.  Then it dawned on me.  "Oh, a wheel chair!"  She grinned sheepishly.

She was pleased that is is possible to purchase a slightly used wheel chair, one that has been used briefly as a rental.  She was willing to consider my preferences for something light that I can comfortable get into and out of the trunk of the car.  She didn't complain that I had obviously talked to the folks at my favorite medical supply house about a chair -- without talking to her.

"But we'll decide next week."  She repeated.

Give thanks for those who are willing to put necessity before pride.  Allow them the dignity they deserve.
Don't forget to pray ....

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