Monday, May 23, 2011

Fifty Years Past

Fifty years and a couple of weeks ago, 50+ seniors from University High School, Honolulu, Hawaii
walked into Andrews Amphitheater at the University of Hawaii.   We left as graduates,
the newest members of the then very small group of alumni.  

Fifty of us survive.  
Thirty something of us gathered this weekend in Honolulu. 
For some of us, it was the first time in 50 years we had seen most of our classmates.  

We had a wonderful time eating, remembering,
eating more, visiting,
eating still more ...
and digging up even more memories.  

Here are the men -- or at least the ones we could corral  for this photo.
Front row:  Worldster Lee, Alwin Tokuhama, and Rauyl Nakayama.  
Back row:  Lloyd Sueda, Hyrum Wayne Smith, Jim Young, and Frank Satogata.  
Of this group, 4 are educators of one variety or another, 5 are businessmen, 4 are artists.*
Two are retired, the rest are thinking about retirement.
Multi-talented folk, our men.  

And the ladies -- more compliant about gathering for the camera. 
Front row:  Linda (Darling) Lloyd, Regina (Chun) Ting, Lani (Ka'aua) Bruss,
Karen (Knudsen) Gleason
, and yours truly.
Back row:  Maile (Crooker) Carter, Frances (Miyaguchi) Saito, Sandy (Jaber) Yamamoto,
Gail (McElrath) Long, Lucille (Lum) Massicot, Barbara (Ahuna) Wakatake,
Diane (Takamune) Anderson
, and Barbara Oyama.  

Of the ladies, 8 have degrees in education, but all 13 have been educators.
Five have worked in business.  Twelve have raised at least one child.*  
Between us, we have a bunch of grandchildren.
We relax with books, paint brushes, cameras, 
music, sports, needlework, and our friends.  
We are at least as talented as the men!  

We're already talking about gathering in southern Utah in 2013.  

*I can hear my classmates asking, puzzled, "Now how did she get those totals?"
**Photos courtesy of  Jim Young

I'm reminded of an old Girl Scout song:  
 Make new friends, but keep the old.  
One is silver and the other gold. 
Give thanks for old friendships renewed and refreshed. 
Don't forget to pray!  

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