Sunday, May 1, 2011

... one more time ....

About a week after Ray's passing, I called a relative in another state, someone I barely knew.  He had been widowed just days over a year previously.  "How do I do this?" I asked him.

He took it upon himself to help me through, calling me every evening and talking ... and talking ... and talking, sometimes for hours.  It was as therapeutic for him as it was for me.  We have spoken almost daily since that first call.

On Wednesday he had some very difficult, very delicate vascular surgery.  On Saturday he had what appeared to be several heart attacks, but which his doctors describe as one long heart attack.  He is in Cardiac ICU in a major hospital in a major US city.  His children and their spouses are with him.  Many others are with him in spirit.  Now he has personally placed a Do Not Resuscitate order.  If there is another attack, he will not be revived.

When he goes onward, my mother will be the last of her generation, the oldest member of her maternal line.  That must be a lonely place.

Give thanks for our kupuna (our elders) and the gifts they give us.
Don't forget to pray....

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  1. Finally remembered how to find things like your blog. Thank You for the kind words.


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