Friday, March 26, 2010

Found -- but never lost

My family loves bargain hunting.  Yard sales and garage sales.  Rummage sales.  Especially thrift shops.  My mother, brother and sister-in-law consider thrift shop hopping prime entertainment.  They have an array of high end treasures found in at thrift shop prices.  I have never been quite so lucky.  Until this week.

On the path between the Hearing Center and the typewriter store (yes, really) is the Assistance League of Honolulu thrift shop.  We cannot pass the Assistance League shop without stopping.

On this day there were two boxes of framed art on the floor between furniture, china, men's underwear, and the Christmas shelf.

I thumbed through them, not particularly drawn to anything.  Until I saw the Bev Doolittle lithograph.  Numbered, from a limited edition series.  Nicely framed.  Marked $2.00.  I've always been attracted to Doolittle's work, full of things unseen.  This piece is titled "Hide and Seek Cameo B", from a series of 24 separate images which together form a composite.  Can you see the pinto horse among the rocks?

Mother didn't find anything that caught her fancy.  I came home with the Bev Doolittle.  Wonder if there are any more in the series out there for $2.00?

Recognize -- and give thanks for -- treasures, where ever they are found.
Don't forget to pray!

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