Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring; Curious Gecko

A song we used to sing in elementary school keeps running through my mind:  "Welcome, sweet springtime, we greet thee in song ...."  Spring has arrived!

I'v had a partial glass of mango juice at my side while working on the computer today.  One of our resident geckos has followed the aroma of mango, and has been visiting.  Wish I had a camera close enough to grab and take his picture.  First he landed with a thump on a stack of books.  Then he watched me carefully to determine that I am not a predator.  Then, ever so carefully, he reached out for the glass.  It's a brandy snifter style wine glass with a top opening of not more than 2".  He wasn't certain what to make of the "invisible" wall he encountered.  Then carefully up to the lip.  It took him awhile to figure out how to reach back down into the glass to the juice.  Eventually he decided to hang by his hind feet, reaching carefully with his tongue the last bit to the juice itself.   It must not have been quite the delicacy he was expecting; he backed out quickly and went off in search of other morsels.

Here's Mr. Gecko a couple of years ago, climbing a wall on another day of adventure.

Give thanks for critters like these who provide non-toxic pest control.  Give thanks for spring and renewal..  Don't forget to pray.

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